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New Novels, Audiobooks and Pumpink Spice !

I hope everyone had a fantastic summer, and even though its still July hot in my part of the world, September is here, and drum roll please, so is Pumpkin Spice!

This summer was an exciting time for me, as I toured promoting "Secrets of the Penthouse Suite". Notably, in July I attended #RomantiConn2023 in Trumbull Connecticut where I had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful romance readers and writers alike, as I signed countless books and memorabilia. I also had a great time at a signing with my friends @Melore's Restaurant in Oceanside NY, thank you to Me Ann who graciuosly hosted the event.

With the start of Septermer I felt like it was time to get back to my true passion and I have been concentrating on my writing my upcoming novel, (working title) California Beach House. I am thrilled to say my new novel is develpoing nicely into another exciting romantic suspense story. Which I hope those of you who enjoyed "Secrets of the Penthouse Suite" will also love. And speaking of "Secrets of the Penthouse Suite", I am over the moon to announce I am in talks to convert it into an Audiobook for all you audiobook lovers out there. I will keep you all posted with progress on all fronts so stay tuned.

Kiss Kiss Kiss

R.R. Nastasi

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