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Pride and Prejudice Meets

Fifty Shades of Grey

R. R. Nastasi’s debut romance novel is a page-turning contemporary tale of sex, secrets, and scandal in New York City that follows 28-year-old Sofia La Scala’s transformation from a shy, workaholic accountant into a thrill-seeking, fantasy-fueled sex goddess.


Sexy, successful, and fresh-out-of-a-bad-relationship single, Sofia La Scala is more eager than ever to find Mr. Right, but being head of fiscal affairs at a top-level finance company hasn’t made her any wiser when accounting for her love life. To counter her workaholic ways, she carves out one happy hour per week with her best friend Chloe with the sole goal of finding love in New York City. But when Cloe stands her up, Sofia doesn’t find herself alone at the bar. In a twist of fate—or so it seems—she runs into the seductive billionaire Alex Chambers. By the end of the night, Sofia has found herself entangled in a lust-driven romance with a man as full of mysteries as he is charm.  


Sofia becomes immersed in Alex as they live out their most illicit sexual fantasies in elaborate, costume-filled playdates in the penthouse suites of hotels around the city. It all seems too good to be true, and Sofia’s fantasies come to a crashing halt when at work she stumbles upon what at first glance looks like a glitch in a programming file but turns out to be far more sinister, and, inexplicably, linked to the man she’s falling in love with. The more Sofia investigates this curious glitch, the more she finds herself asking questions she’s scared to answer.


Will Sofia jeopardize everything she has worked for in her career in pursuit of the truth? More importantly, is she willing to face this truth when it might mean losing the one thing she realizes matters more to her than work—a shot at a real future with Alex Chambers?

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     R.R. Nastasi is an incurable romantic whose love of suspense novels inspired her to pursue writing stories that combine the two genres.


     To that end, she attended the New York City Gotham School of Writing and penned a sensual and romantic debut thriller that perfectly fulfills the reader’s desire for a page-turning, high-stakes plot packed with fiery lust and unexpected twists.


     R.R. Nastasi lives in New York with her family. When she isn’t dreaming up sexy, suspense-filled books, she is living her own adventures traveling the world and cooking up spicy international dishes.



Divya Sood

A cross between

Pride & Prejudice and

Fifty Shades of Grey

Author, Find Someone To Love

If ever there was a manuscript tailor-made for the big screen, this is it -  a wild and exciting romp through the New York romance scene, with real, intriguing characters you root for.

It was a fun and thrilling novel that I enjoyed reading.

EDITORial director, book trib

Danielle Dyal

Jim Alkon 

Editor, BookFox 

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